Meet Lloyd White

I’m running for State Senate to reform wasteful government at the state level and restore the promise of the California Dream.

As our Senator, I will fight to lower the costs of home building so that more Californians can afford to own their home. I’ll support tax cuts to help our small businesses and middle-class families make ends meet. I will work for common sense pension reforms to reduce the government debt that threatens so many of our local communities.

I offer a proven track record as a Citizen Tax Fighter who took on City Hall and won. I will bring this same dedication and focused leadership to the State Capitol as our next Senator.

The corruption exposed in the City of Beaumont resulted in multiple felony convictions and financial restitution for city taxpayers. Today, Beaumont is a thriving and financially well-managed community.


I have a unique and strong record of achievement which directly improved the lives of my constituents.

I'm not the wealthiest or most “connected” candidate. I’m a typical middle-class suburban family man — just like most of my constituents in Beaumont and State Senate District 23.

Through the actions of our council, we erased the imminent threat of bankruptcy for the city. Beaumont went from the edge of a financial abyss to an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s. This rating has allowed the city to secure cost-effective funding for a state-mandated $100 million upgrade to a wastewater plant.

Over the years since I was first elected, Beaumont has gone from one of the most secretive local governments to one of the most transparent cities in California.

I believe my history of leading reform will be highly attractive to a broad range of voters in the region. The improvements I brought to Beaumont can be appreciated not only by Republicans, but also by Independents and Democrats.

Ran a highly effective campaign against entrenched corrupt interests

In 2014, I ran a reform campaign that knocked off three incumbents who had controlled the Beaumont City Council for a combined 40+ years.

Led an effort resulting in felony convictions and helped recover millions for the citizens of Beaumont

During my first month on the council, I worked with the FBI and local DA to expose a $40 million+ scandal that led to arrests and felony guilty pleas for the City Manager, Finance Director, and department heads of Planning, Economic Development, and Public Works. We have managed to secure $12 million in restitution so far.

Attracted more than 1,000 good-paying jobs to a small city, with more on the way

Working with my colleagues on the Council and our local developers we were able to raise $8 million in cash. The cash was needed to restart an essential $30 million construction of the Potrero - Highway 60 interchange. This project has been instrumental in attracting Amazon to construct a high-tech fulfillment center in Beaumont, bringing more than 800 new jobs.

I negotiated the settlement of a $63 million judgement which threatened to bankrupt the city

During that same first month, I brought the Western Riverside Council of Governments to the negotiating table, which eventually led to settlement of a $63 million judgement facing the city.

The settlement provided Beaumont with an added $900,000 in annual sales tax revenue.

$140 million in new local infrastructure

Beaumont went from the edge of a financial abyss to an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s. This rating has allowed the city to secure cost-effective funding for a state-mandated $100 million upgrade to a wastewater plant.

Instituted Property Tax Reform

I worked to reform the city’s troubled Mello-Roos program, resulting in millions in savings for Beaumont home owners. We lowered property tax payments by over $4 million annually, affecting 88% of Mello-Roos tax payers. The current program will continue to monitor markets for future saving for the remaining homeowners.

Latest News
  • Senator Jeff Stone

    Lloyd White is the type of Republican Leader we need representing the Inland Empire in Sacramento. He successfully rooted out the corruption at his city hall and subsequently made government work more efficiently for residents and businesses. His record also includes reducing property taxes without cutting any services.

    Lloyd White is a friend of both the taxpayers and businesses. Lloyd White can bring strong leadership to Sacramento to change the direction of our State. He has my full support.

    Jeff Stone
  • Marion Ashley

    I am proud to endorse Lloyd White for State Senate. He’s a proven tax fighter with the leadership needed to deliver results for our local communities.

    As a Councilman in Beaumont, Lloyd White showed great skill in restoring integrity and sound financial management at City Hall. He’s just the kind of Citizen Representative that taxpayers need at the State Capitol.

    Marion Ashley
    County Supervisor Retired
  • Bobby Duncan

    Lloyd White will be a strong voice for Yucaipa taxpayers in the State Senate. I’m proud to endorse his candidacy.

    Lloyd has demonstrated his ability to successfully oppose government corruption and financial mismanagement at the local level. That’s just the right kind of leadership we need to stop the big spenders in Sacramento who are raising our gas taxes and squandering millions of our tax dollars on free health care for illegal immigrants.

    Bobby Duncan
    Yucaipa Mayor
  • John Valdivia

    I am proud to endorse Lloyd White for State Senate. Lloyd is the type of leader we need in Sacramento to shake things up. He’s a proven leader at the local level, fighting corruption and reducing government waste.

    John Valdivia
    San Bernardino Mayor
  • Juan Figueroa

    Councilman Lloyd White has the ability, the work ethic and the integrity, to lead our region and represent our concerns in Sacramento. I am proud to stand with Lloyd White and endorse him for State Senate.

    Juan Figueroa
    San Bernardino Councilman