“Instead of interpreting the law, the California Supreme Court simply re-wrote it.”

“Instead of interpreting the law, the California Supreme Court simply re-wrote it.” – Senator Shannon Grove

Senator Shannon Grove co-authored and introduced Senate Bill 238  to restore the promise of the California Dream to many hardworking taxpaying entrepreneurs. Senator Grove outlines the bill and why it is important in this CALmatters Guest Commentary:

California must provide workers with flexibility

The Senate’s Public Employment and Retirement Committee voted (1-4) to kill SB238 in its first committee hearing on Friday 4/24. However, our senator, Mike Morrell, cast the only vote in support. The committee then voted 5-0 to grant reconsideration. Reconsideration can only be granted once. This gives Senator Grove a second chance to persuade her colleagues to do the right thing and support the bill.

Read here how the California Supreme Court’s decision destroyed the pay structure for barbers, hairstylist and other California entrepreneurs:

Bottle & Barlow barbers quit over state high court’s  ruling on independent contractors

Following are links to the contact pages of the other members of the committee, all democrats, who voted to kill the bill in committee. Send them a message that you won’t stand by quietly and watch them wage war on our small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Senator Jerry Hill

Senator Hannah- Beth Jackson

Senator Holly J. Mitchell

Senator Richard Pan

The action taken by these four senators affects the livelihoods of Californians in all types of industries, including barbers and hairstylists, farmers, educators, health care professionals, construction workers, and artists.