It’s time for a New Generation of Republican Leadership to restore the California Dream

Out-of-control public employee pension debt. Skyrocketing housing costs and homelessness.  Never ending tax hikes. Highest gas prices in the nation. Unchecked One-Party Democratic Rule in Sacramento is a disaster that threatens California’s financial and economic future.


It’s time for a New Generation of Republican Leadership to restore the California Dream.


A revitalized Republican party benefits all Californians. Without checks and balances in Sacramento, our businesses lose the ability to stop extreme legislation passed by the Democrats in Sacramento.  Without stronger financial oversight, our state’s taxpayers face the same kind of reckless fiscal policies that bankrupted New York City in the 1970’s.


Most Californians don’t believe Republicans care. That perception has to change. We don’t change it by sacrificing our principals or changing our values. We do it by using a play from the Democrats playbook.


The California Democrats gained their power by being a reform party. They focused on issues that were important to Californians outside their base.


It’s time for Republicans to become the Reform Party. We need to focus on healthcare reform, education reform, pension reform and tax reform. We need to support candidates with experience who can articulate solutions that will bring conservative reform to the issues that matter to the majority of Californians.


Many Californians have left, or never joined, the Republican Party because they didn’t feel welcome.  Many Independents and disaffected Republicans believe that the Democrats’ extreme socialist agenda is not in the interest of our children and grandchildren.  These voters are desperate for New Republican Leaders to restore oversight, accountability and commons sense to our state government. Leaders who will focus on real world financial and economic solutions – NOT on divisive political issues.


As a newly elected City Councilman, I fought City Hall and — against all odds – won a victory for the taxpayers. I took on a corrupt city administration and drained the swamp. I led a City back from the brink of bankruptcy to become a well managed, financially solvent thriving community in just four short years.  I have bold new ideas for conservative reform. This is the experience I will use to make a difference in the State Senate.