Lloyd White Applauds Reform of Abuses Detailed in Grand Jury Report

Beaumont City Councilman Lloyd White praised his colleagues for helping to eliminate the civic corruption mentioned in a new grand jury report.


“I applaud the grand jury for their efforts to shine a light on the abuses which threatened Beaumont in the years before 2014. At that time, I led a reform slate of candidates, promising to eliminate corruption in Beaumont and institute best financial practices, in the most transparent possible manner — and that is just what we’ve accomplished. Beaumont no longer faces bankruptcy, we have secured criminal convictions and $12 million in restitution, and by reforming Community Facilities Districts (CFDs), we have reduced Mello-Roos taxes by $4 million every year, lowering property taxes for 12,000 local homeowners.”


The report from the Riverside County Grand Jury noted multiple abuses by members of the Beaumont City Council who held office prior to 2014. After reformers led by White took control of the City Council, seven people — including Beaumont’s Chief of Police — were convicted of criminal acts and ordered to pay restitution to the city.


“It was a sad chapter in the history of my city,” said White, who is a candidate for the California Senate in 2020. “Fortunately, my neighbors voted for reform, and over the past five years, we were able to end all the abuses, and put Beaumont on the path for honest growth and real success in the decades to come.”