Protect Taxpayers and Root Out Government Waste

When I say I will work to protect taxpayers, that isn’t just lip service. When I was elected to the Beaumont City Council, I took action to reform our local Mello-Roos. I saved taxpayers money and protected them from property tax increases without sacrificing any services. California is already one of the highest taxed state’s in the nation, but that isn’t enough for the politicians in Sacramento. After passing one of the largest tax increases in history (the 2017 gas tax), Governor Gavin Newsom raided those funds to pay for pet projects without accountability. The Governor and the Sacramento legislature will likely ask for future increases in taxes later to replace funds that are misused. I will protect Prop. 13 and fight to reform the tax code and reduce the waste in our government. California must live within its means and stop treating taxpayers like an ATM machine.

Supporting Public Safety – Increase Penalties for Violent Criminals

Sacramento continues to take a hostile approach to our law enforcement. They promote legislation that puts our local communities at risk, all while making it more difficult for individuals to protect themselves and their property. They make it harder to buy firearms and ammunition for protection, but make it easier for criminals to get out of jail. I will support efforts to reform the sentencing rules to stiffen penalties on violent offenders and work to keep those guilty of crimes behind bars. This will allow our law enforcement to work in the community, proactively policing instead of re-arresting those who should have never been released.

Protecting the Inland Empire’s Values

Here in the Inland Empire, we have a deep sense of community and family. I will protect these values when I am your State Senator. I will work hard to fight for our values in Sacramento and protect the family values that the Inland Empire has come to know.

Supporting Economic Growth to Support New Job Creation

Unfortunately, many of the laws mandated from Sacramento stifle our local economy in the form of high tax rates and high energy costs. California is not a business-friendly state. Small business creates 60-70% of all new jobs in our area, so we need a healthy business environment that includes CEQA reforms to allow our local economy to grow and support our way of life. As a councilman, I was able to create thousands of new jobs and secure new businesses for our community. I will use that experience to create more local jobs throughout the Inland Empire.

Solve the Homelessness Crisis

In order to solve the homeless problems we have to make sure we’re dealing with the actual problems creating the explosion in homeless numbers around the State. If the answer was as simple as providing more funding to homeless services, there wouldn’t be a single homeless person in San Francisco. However, their homeless rate is higher than the national average.

We need programs that address each homeless person’s needs separately. We have to curb the abuse of illegal narcotics in our community, and get those addicted to them help immediately. We have to get those with mental illness real help and we have to increase the supply of housing by getting government out of the way of building new and affordable homes. Finally, we must provide job training programs that actually work to get individuals back into the workforce.

  • Senator Jeff Stone

    Lloyd White is the type of Republican Leader we need representing the Inland Empire in Sacramento. He successfully rooted out the corruption at his city hall and subsequently made government work more efficiently for residents and businesses. His record also includes reducing property taxes without cutting any services.

    Lloyd White is a friend of both the taxpayers and businesses. Lloyd White can bring strong leadership to Sacramento to change the direction of our State. He has my full support.

    Jeff Stone
  • Marion Ashley

    I am proud to endorse Lloyd White for State Senate. He’s a proven tax fighter with the leadership needed to deliver results for our local communities.

    As a Councilman in Beaumont, Lloyd White showed great skill in restoring integrity and sound financial management at City Hall. He’s just the kind of Citizen Representative that taxpayers need at the State Capitol.

    Marion Ashley
    County Supervisor Retired
  • Bobby Duncan

    Lloyd White will be a strong voice for Yucaipa taxpayers in the State Senate. I’m proud to endorse his candidacy.

    Lloyd has demonstrated his ability to successfully oppose government corruption and financial mismanagement at the local level. That’s just the right kind of leadership we need to stop the big spenders in Sacramento who are raising our gas taxes and squandering millions of our tax dollars on free health care for illegal immigrants.

    Bobby Duncan
    Yucaipa Mayor
  • John Valdivia

    I am proud to endorse Lloyd White for State Senate. Lloyd is the type of leader we need in Sacramento to shake things up. He’s a proven leader at the local level, fighting corruption and reducing government waste.

    John Valdivia
    San Bernardino Mayor
  • Juan Figueroa

    Councilman Lloyd White has the ability, the work ethic and the integrity, to lead our region and represent our concerns in Sacramento. I am proud to stand with Lloyd White and endorse him for State Senate.

    Juan Figueroa
    San Bernardino Councilman